Self-made and from the heart: home-made gifts

Before you go shopping for Christmas presents, it's worth asking: What exactly makes a great gift? What will really make the recipient happy? Of course, some gifts also have a practical use. Toys for the children, for example. But most gifts are primarily about the emotional value – you want to tell the other person that you like them and have thought of them. And what better way to do that than with something home-made?

The abbreviation DIY for "Do it yourself" sounds as if the Internet had just invented it when in fact, the DIY trend has been around for a very long time. One precursor of today's DIY scene, for example, is the Arts and Crafts movement that developed in England in the 1950s. With their own craft projects and creativity, the workers wanted to break out of the monotonous factory routine. And sewing and crafting also played a major role in punk.

Today, DIY means just about everything that is not bought ready-made in a store or ordered on the Internet – from handicrafts to sewing, knitting and crocheting to crafts and hobbies that are pursued so professionally that they are almost a second job. What they all have in common is that they promise a break from digital media and the fast pace of life. You accompany a product from start to finish – and that fills you with satisfaction and pride. But it’s not just the creation of things with a personal touch that gives great pleasure. Especially by upcycling used items, you can avoid waste and create very individual gifts that are much more personal than something store-bought.

Feel like giving it a try yourself? Here are a few ideas:

1. The second life of the candle stubs

Using the candle leftovers from the Advent season and a cotton cloth, it’s easy to make wax cloths in all sizes. The wax cloths are a great alternative to cling film and can be used to cover bowls or to wrap the lunch.

(Image source: / Pinterest)

2. Juice cartons become flower pots

When you peel off the printed wrapper, old milk or juice cartons become cool flower pots and pen holders in no time. With a colourful painting, you can give them a very individual touch.

(Image source : Yvonne / möma blog)
(Image source : Yvonne / möma blog)

3. The rebirth of the tin can

Old food cans can be used to make beautiful storage containers. You can fill them with delicious homemade cookies at Christmas.

(Image source : / Pinterest)

4. Original newspaper baskets

Almost everyone has old newspapers in their house. Instead of throwing them into the waste, you can use them to weave pretty baskets in all imaginable sizes.

(Image source : / Pinterest)

5. The most beautiful memories

If you still have an old picture frame, you can make a memo board out of it, which perfectly sets the scene for important notes, pictures and other memories. And you can take the opportunity to include photos of yourself

(Image source : / Pinterest)

Would you like to try any of these projects? Have fun! By the way, crafting is best done by candlelight, accompanied by delicious tea and sweet cookies!