Dive into the world of Port International and discover how we’re redefining the fruit and vegetable industry! Learn more about us, our Exclusive Partners, our brand BE CLIMATE, and our CO2 reduction projects. Together, we are shaping a more environmentally friendly future for generations to come.
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Mit der eigenen Arbeit einen Lohn zu verdienen, der ausreicht, um alle Grundbedürfnisse zu erfüllen, ein Dach über dem Kopf zu haben und für Notfälle...
The production of food contributes to approximately one-third of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Although this share is largely due to the production of animal-based...
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Erfahre mehr über nachhaltiges Wassermanagement in der Landwirtschaft und innovative Lösungen zur effizienten Nutzung der Ressource Wasser auf INSIDE | PORT.
In the heart of the Agadir region in Morocco, Karam Green Agri is a true pioneer in agriculture. Nestled in an ideal microclimate, the company...
What makes a banana a Fairtrade banana? Learn everything about fairly traded bananas in our checklist at INSIDE | PORT.
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Hivekovics Family Orchards - on the cultivation area of our Exclusive Partner Farm in Kisrécse, Hungary, delicious strawberries thrive and find their way into European...

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