COOPAG – Banana cultivation in a unique community

In the north of Peru in the district of Santa Sofia lies the headquarters of our exclusive partner COOPAG. The cooperative of small farmers produces first-class organic and Fairtrade bananas on more than 100 hectares of land for Port International.

Unity and commitment at COOPAG

COOPAG is a cooperative with a strong sense of community whose members know each other very well and work together excellently.

This unity and the dedication of the individual members to banana cultivation and their family farms characterise the cooperative’s work. And it pays off.

Focus on sustainability

COOPAG has been producing bananas of the highest quality standards for us for years. The cooperative has the Fairtrade, organic, and GlobalG.A.P certifications, but its commitment to the sustainability of its own production facilities goes far beyond these standards. For example, COOPAG has a CLAC-funded Biofábrica: a composting plant they produce its own environmentally friendly fertiliser with.

COOPAG is also part of a project of sustainable banana organisations that promotes the participation of young adults and women for the benefit of the community and cooperative. A recycling project with an educational institution in Santa Sofia is currently being planned.

Further development of our Exclusive Partner

As an Exclusive Partner, COOPAG not only continues to ensure the high-quality standard of our banana range. The close exchange and mutual understanding also lead to a stronger relationship that allows us to develop and implement new farming and sustainability initiatives together.

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