Crunchy fresh from Hungary: Zeiler Hungária’s sustainable cucumber production

Are you looking for innovative solutions for a more sustainable supply chain? Then Zeiler Hungaría is the right place for you. We take you into the world of sustainable cucumber cultivation and take a look behind the scenes at our exclusive partner farm in Hungary.

The cooperation with Zeiler Hungária

As a direct importer of fresh fruit and vegetables with a broad expertise, we have chosen Zeiler Hungária, a respected cucumber producer, as our ideal Exclusive Partner Farm.

In a short video , André Lüling, one of the Managing Directors of Port International European Sourcing GmbH, and Christian Zeiler, CEO of Zeiler Hungária, take you on a tour of the innovative glasshouse where our cucumbers are produced.

Cucumber production at a glance

Take a look inside the glasshouse of our Hungarian producer where a special cucumber crop grows on 5.5 hectares of land. These cucumber plants are grown on wire constructions in the air and produce about 450,000 crunchy cucumbers a week. The quality? Outstanding!

The energy for this cultivation method comes from two geothermal sources that keep the glasshouse warm. Geothermal energy refers to heat that is stored in the earth’s crust. Unlike fossil fuels, no harmful carbon dioxide is released here[1], which makes this type of energy one of the more sustainable options.

Furthermore, the location of Zeiler Hungária offers another sustainability benefit. The strategic location only 30 km from the Austrian border leads to shorter transport routes to the European supermarkets.

Other special features are the numerous hours of sunshine and our specialised team on site. They enable us to constantly supply our customers with fresh cucumbers seven days a week.

Growing together within the Exclusive Partner Programme

With our Exclusive Partner Programme , we show the world how to produce fresh food of the highest quality while keeping the environment in mind. Our programme is not just a partnership, but a platform for sustainable innovation and environmental responsibility.

Together with Zeiler Hungária, we want to continue to develop and promote new ideas in this field with the objective of creating even more delicious and sustainable vegetables for the plates of all end consumers.