Banana export from Ecuador: Our Exclusive Partner Farm BananaGoldCorp

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world, but not many people know how much work goes into one single banana before it ends up on a consumers' breakfast table. Together with our Exclusive Partner Farm BananaGoldCorp, we make this possible every day. And we do not only produce delicious bananas of the highest quality, but we also promote sustainable production and social responsibility.

This article was created in cooperation with our own brand BE CLIMATE.
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This article was created in cooperation with our own brand BE CLIMATE.
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Banana export from Ecuador

BananaGoldCorp owns a farm of about 47 hectares in San Andres, Ecuador. Together with over 20 affiliated producers, they form a network that has a total of around 645 hectares of land under contract. The company employs about 250 dedicated workers who prepare between 25,000 and 30,000 boxes of bananas every week which are then exported to us.

Ecuador stands out as a special location for banana cultivation. With only two clearly defined seasons, winter and summer, the cultivation of bananas throughout the year is easier here. It allows BananaGoldCorp to grow products of outstanding quality 52 weeks of the year.

Many Ecuadorian families have been in this business for generations. Thus, decades of experience are reflected in the quality of these products.

The bananas produced by BananaGoldCorp are subjected to strict quality controls from the arrival at the packing facility to the final packaging stage, thereby meeting the highest requirements of the various markets.

The success formula of our partnership

BananaGoldCorp is not only one of our Exclusive Partner Farms, they also supply us with our BE CLIMATE bananas and are actively committed to reducing CO2 emissions.

However, what really sets our partnership apart is BananaGoldCorp’s great sense of responsibility and their constant communication and friendliness towards suppliers and customers. Together, we maintain a trustworthy relationship characterised above all by our honest and serious cooperation.

Sustainability as a central task

BananaGoldCorp is also taking a leading role in sustainability. We have already started several projects in close cooperation to reduce CO2 emissions on site. These include the reforestation of surrounding areas and the installation of solar panels on the SAN ANDRES finca. These solar panels generate 3456 watts per day which covers the energy consumption of the residential buildings, the dining room, and the packing facility.
Being an Exclusive Partner, it is a matter of principle to us to provide guidance and help in these matters, and to support BananaGoldCorp both financially and with advice.

BananaGoldCorp is also committed to recycling. For example, plastic bags and straps used to mark the age of the banana trees, are recycled after the harvest by turning them into edge protection devices and protectors used during the transport of palletised boxes.

And the efforts to protect the climate do not stop there. Reducing water consumption during the process of washing the bananas is another goal of BananaGoldCorp. They plan to achieve this by lowering the height of the tanks which should save up to 20 % of the water.

An Exclusive Partner Farm that inspires

Our partnership with BananaGoldCorp shows that sustainable agriculture and social responsibility go hand in hand. BananaGoldCorp’s goal is to continue producing bananas according to technical, agricultural, social, and environmental standards while maintaining high product quality and fair working conditions.

We are proud to have BananaGoldCorp as our Exclusive Partner Farm. Their efforts are inspiring and point the way to a more sustainable future of food production.