GVS Fruit Company: High-quality grape production in Brazil

In the heart of Brazil's Northeast, you'll find GVS Fruit Company – a pioneer in grape cultivation and a shining example of sustainable agriculture. Under the visionary leadership of Luiz Carlos Romano, GVS has become one of our Exclusive Partner Farms for grapes in Brazil, supplying fresh and delicious fruits to markets around the world.

A fruitful journey to excellence

GVS Fruit Company possesses the impressive number of 1,000 hectares of land dedicated to agriculture, with 180 hectares specifically reserved for the cultivation of seedless grapes. Situated just ten hours away from the ports of Salvador and Fortaleza, GVS has strategically positioned itself for efficient export, allowing its products to reach international markets in great condition.

One of GVS’s greatest advantages lies in its location on the 8th parallel south at the São Francisco River, which ensures year-round sunshine and enough water in a very dry region. This unique combination of abundant sunlight and access to water for irrigation makes it the perfect environment for producing healthy, high-quality fruits throughout the year.

At the core of GVS’s success is a dedicated team of experts, including well-trained agronomists and skilled professionals, who are passionate about delivering top service and products. With a focus on quality, GVS produces the impressive amount of 7,000 tons of grapes annually, making it a significant player in the global grape market.

A commitment to sustainability and quality

GVS Fruit Company takes sustainability seriously, as shown by their GlobalG.A.P., HACCP, SMETA, and GRASP certifications . Their grapes are irrigated and cared for with utmost precision using the latest agricultural technologies. Their agronomists are known for their expertise and ensure that the highest standards are met to satisfy market demands.

However, the company’s mission goes beyond the mere production of top-grade fruits; it is also dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations. For this purpose, GVS invests in biological products, such as pesticides and fertilizers, to reduce the use of chemical agents. Additionally, they are minimizing transportation routes and opting for more sustainable packaging materials, including craft boxes.

A shared vision for the future

In a world where environmental concerns and sustainable practices are increasingly vital, Port International and GVS Fruit Company are united in our long-term vision. We share the common goal of delivering the best fruit and service to consumers while striving to increase production volumes.
Together, we are demonstrating that sustainable agriculture can coexist with quality production. GVS Fruit Company’s dedication to providing high-quality products makes them an ideal partner for our Exclusive Partner Farm Programme.