Paper – for your books only

The tapping of the woodpecker echoes loudly between the trees. The first rays of sunlight wink through the leaves and play with the rising mist. The air is cool and fresh, it smells of leaves, pine needles and moss. Every breath fills the lungs with life.

This experience, also called forest bathing, soothes the soul, reduces stress and is also good for your physical heath. But the trees and forests are capable of so much more. They produce oxygen, absorb CO2 and regulate the climate worldwide.

Nevertheless, deforestation continues. And almost every second tree ends up in paper production. Germany is the fourth largest producer after China, the USA and Japan. [1] Each year, Germany consumes a total of about 19 million tons of pulp and paper. [2]

In light of increasing digitisation, you might be surprised by this – but most paper is used for disposable products such as packaging materials, shipping boxes, hygiene products and others. Coffee cups are also consumed in huge quantities: every hour, some 320,000 disposable cups for hot drinks end up in the trash in Germany, that’s almost three billion cups per year. [3]

So it’s high time to reduce unnecessary paper consumption and be mindful of wood and wood products.

And of course, we have a few tips for you:

1. Recycled paper will do

Use recycled paper for copies, handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls and toilet paper.

2. Give away used paper products

Books, cardboard folders and notepads that you no longer need can be given away or even sold.

3. Cancel catalogues

Unsubscribe from newspapers and unwanted catalogues to stop your mailbox from overflowing. Many things are available online.

4. Think before you print

In the office, you can think about whether you really need the stack of paper on your desk. Whenever a printout is necessary, it can be used for taking notes later.

5. Bring a bag and a cup

Use your own shopping bags and your own mug for coffee to go. There are many deposit systems for reusable cups now, so it’s really easy. And having your own thermos is even better!

6. Large orders

A lot of paper and packaging material is produced when shopping online. That’s why it is preferable to place one large order instead of many small ones. Or simply buy in your neighbourhood store – you won’t need packaging for that!

8. Correct disposal

To be recycled, paper must be disposed of in the correct garbage can. Only then can it become new paper.

Was there a tip you didn’t know about? Then why not try it out – we wish you lots of success as a Paper Hater!